Super Session with Andrea Black

group photo of both bands

Our third guest band at Enterprise Lodge

On the 13th May Andrea Black came along with Winston Blissett to join us at our Monday night rehearsal. These guest sessions have been funded by our BBC Performing Arts Award and each month between now and October we will have guests from various musical genres to rehearse with us. Have a look at our gig list for more information.

This was a break in format for the previous two sessions as there were only 2 people facing us across the hall at Enterprise Lodge. However it worked really well with Andrea kicking off with several of her own compositions with Winston accompanying her on bass. Andrea plays a very percussive, nylon strung guitar wheras Winston's bass flowed eloquently along, sometimes taking a lead role. We had a break for the eagerly anticipated pizza and then started work on some music together. Dan was very happy to be the only drummer in the room! We kicked off with 'Sweet Home Alabama' before moving on to 'Light my Fire' for the very first time. It worked very nicely - the simple repetitive chord sequence in the verses came easily to the band and allowed Luke the chance to do a keyboard solo. I definitely think we have a new addition to our set list now.

Session personnel

Andrea Black

Andrea Black - guitar and vocals
Winston Blissett - bass guitar

I Love Thunder

Lee Gentles - lead vocals and rap
Paul Goodger - lead vocals
Anne Corrigan - lead vocals
Luke Radclyffe - keyboards
Eric Percival - lead guitar
Vince Wise - bass guitar
Dan Highfield - drums
Nick Radclyffe - rhythm guitar

Additional people

Kevin Swain - sound engineer
Pat Schulenburg - cameraman

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