I Love Thunder - the history

I Love Thunder - live in Oslo

I Love Thunder are part of Ealing Mencap who helped us with funding which enabled us to buy our instruments which was brilliant. They also provide space for our weekly rehearsals and look after the money side of things.

We are also proud to be members of the Dissimilis organisation in Norway. They created the colour coding system we use and have a huge amount of experience with helping people with learning disabilities to enjoy and perform music of all types. They have often performed at the Opera House in Oslo!

Socially, I Love Thunder provides a really important focus for all of us and our weekly rehearsals are getting better all the time. The more experience we have playing live, the more creative our sessions become.

In November 2012 we were really amazed to be one of the recipients of a BBC Performing Arts Fund Award! There were only 49 awards in the whole of the UK so to be part of that is brilliant.

In Feburary 2014 I Love Thunder were nominated as Runners Up in England for the EPIC Awards 2014. To come second to Pandemonium, the inspirational group of drummers that first met up at the 2012 Olympics, was a huge honour for us.

In the same year we also managed to play over 18 gigs and record a radio show for Able Radio. We work hard and enjoy playing live.

2015 was another busy year, not so many gigs but we managed to sneak away to Mwnci Studios in Wales for a few days and had a brilliant time finding out about working in a studio, cooking, I know - rock 'n' roll right, and just hanging out - with a bit of yoga thrown in for good measure.

2016 was a hell of a year in all sorts of ways. At the Hanwell Hootie we rolled out 2 of our own tunes Highway Maintenance and The Guest. Then we went to Oslo! That's right, our very first international gig at the 25th Dissimilisfestivalen. So, if you'd like to invite us to your country to come and play then just get in touch. We're sure we could come to some arrangement! We hit a bit of a rocky patch when we returned and a bit later on Anne left the band and Luke headed off to college in Brighton. We ended up the year with a couple of sensational gigs including returning to the Disability Arts Festival up in Harrow for the 5th time. Just one of those venues where we just enjoy ourselves more each year.

2018 is just coming to an end and again we've seen quite a few changes. Eric headed off to live in Spain and Vinnie has moved down to Billingshurst so we're quite thin on the ground. However we've had some fantastic gigs this year with some guests joining us occasionally.


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