Super Session with Country Dirt

Our first guest band at Enterprise Lodge

On the 18th March Country Dirt came along to join us at one of our Monday night rehearsals. These have been funded by our BBC Performing Arts Award and each month between now and October we will have guest bands from various musical genres to rehearse with us. Have a look at our gig list for more information.

We started off the evening with nobody quite sure how it was all going to end up. As you can see at the end of this clip it all ended well and we went home with our heads full of ideas and inspiration for songs and performances to come.

We hope to be adding Sweet Home Alabama to our set list soon!

Session personnel

Country Dirt

Marianne Hyatt - lead vocals
Patmo Sheeran - lead guitar
Frank Brown - banjo and harp
George Blacklock - rhythm guitar and mandolin
Billy Bob Bass - bass guitar
Bryn Morrow - drums

I Love Thunder

Lee Gentles - lead vocals and rap
Paul Goodger - lead vocals
Anne Corrigan - lead vocals
Luke Radclyffe - keyboards
Eric Percival - lead guitar
Vince Wise - bass guitar
Dan Highfield - drums
Nick Radclyffe - rhythm guitar

Additional people

Kevin Swain - sound engineer
Pat Schulenburg - cameraman and editor
Lynda Goodger - reception
Theresa Wise - tea

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