Super Session with Empire Warning

group photo of both bands

Our fourth guest band at Enterprise Lodge

We are joined by the amazing Empire Warning on the 10th June. As they struck up some us scurried for cover and some of us started partying. This was going to be a heavy session. We're now more comfortable with our super sessions and were joined by some new friends, Kieron and Peter, and also some old friends in the shape of George, who took the photo you can see above.

We went through the usual process with Empire Warning playing three songs and then politely listening whilst we played three songs back at them, although not nearly as loud! After some pizza we were given a guided tour of their pedals - the only exception being Elsio who doesn't have any. Maybe something to think about. Both bands then worked on the Metallica, Thin Lizzie and Dubliner's classic 'Whisky in the Jar' with Dan taking on solo drums for the last take. Hopefully we'll have some footage here soon but it really worked out well!

Session personnel

Empire Warning

Elsio Torato - vocals
Ben Stratford - guitar and backing vocals
Grant Mc Callum - guitar
Adam Glen- bass guitar
Steve Moran - drums

I Love Thunder

Lee Gentles - lead vocals and rap
Paul Goodger - lead vocals
Anne Corrigan - lead vocals
Luke Radclyffe - keyboards
Eric Percival - lead guitar
Vince Wise - bass guitar
Dan Highfield - drums
Nick Radclyffe - rhythm guitar

Additional people

Simone Radclyffe - Cameragirl
George Venus - Photographer

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