Super Session with The Fire Poet and Sirish Kumar

group photo of both bands

Our fifth guest performers at Enterprise Lodge

We are joined by the Philip Wells, the Fire Poet, and Sirish Kumar on the 8th July. This turned out to be a very different session to any we've had so far. Firstly we managed to start earlier as we had a less elaborate set up!

We started in a circular, semi acoustic set up as Dan was away on holiday and the band kicked off by playing some of our tunes. After some pizza Sirish and Philip gave us a brief guide to the history of sounds, speech and rythym. Philip then invited us to submit some sounds of our own and we ended with a joint improvised collaboration, which worked really well. Vince and Sirish developed a real musical conversation whilst Lee, Anne and Philip got some dramatic vocal riffs going. We've tried this on our own since, with some great results. It really encourages everyone to listen and engage!

Session personnel


Philip Wells aka The Fire Poet - words, poems and some singing
Sirish Kumar - tablas and bodhrán

I Love Thunder

Lee Gentles - lead vocals and rap
Paul Goodger - lead vocals
Anne Corrigan - lead vocals
Luke Radclyffe - keyboards
Eric Percival - lead guitar
Vince Wise - bass guitar
Nick Radclyffe - rhythm guitar

Additional people

Pat Schulenburg - Cameraman

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