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I know that's not a very 'rock' thing to say but what else can you say. Let me know if have something to add!

“Just wanted to add my two cents as a paying punter for the night, that the show was abso-freaking-lutely brilliant from start to finish.  My hugest and heartiest congrats to all involved, can't wait for the next one.”

“What a fabulous night at the 'I Love Thunder' Super Session. A reminder of the power of music to bring together people of all abilities and backgrounds. The best therapy....the level of professionalism, stagecraft and pure joy displayed by 'I Love Thunder' in the second half was inspiring.”

“...I had a fantastic time as well and the guys absolutely rocked it!”

“I am just dropping you all a quick line to say many thanks for a great evening on Saturday. I had an amazing time. Your guests were great and you were absolutely fantastic and had us all out of our seats. I hope you are all very proud of yourselves and I am sure more gigs will come your way.” 

“It was the best gig ever! Let’s do it again!”

“Congratulations! What a fab evening. Very Inspiring and stimulating. Great performance from all.”

“All those smiling faces!”

“I think you have all made History by creating I Love Thunder, and will inspire many  people as you go from strength to strength.”

“Great night. Congratulations to you all.”

“Well done for Saturday, you rockkkked!”

“Words fail me over the enormous, overwhelming energy!”

“The energy was brilliant and it was very uplifting…”

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